Waterproof Outdoor Cat Houses – Ideal Shelter Options

Waterproof Outdoor Cat Houses

Indoor cats can easily live to the ripe old age of 18.  While the outdoor ones are lucky if they get a quarter of that.  It doesn’t help that we can keep them completely safe when they are out and about.  Whether from accidents or other beasties and unsavoury characters.  And on top of that … Read more

New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch Review 2019

New Cat Condos Premier Cat Scratch and Lounge Review

Cats are fun pets to have. They tend to be quite loyal, they can be affectionate, and they certainly provide for some entertainment. However, with that being said, they are also somewhat demanding and can cause trouble too. If you have a cat, chances are that it’s always lounging on your furniture, and more likely … Read more

Top 10 Best Cat Houses & Condos

Top 10 Best Cat Houses & Condos

Top 10 Best Cat Houses & Condos We’ve taken some of the challenge out of finding your cat a top rated cat houses or condos.  Below is a list of the top 10 best cat condos that will add to your cats furniture and keep your feline entertained for hours!  Happy Pet Post is all about … Read more

Best Cat Condos 2019 : Reviews & Guide [ Updated ]

Best Cat Condo Reviews

A cat condo gives comfort, protection, and fun to your well-loved felines. It serves as their personal space. This gives your cats area for hiding when they want to avoid interaction or if they feel threatened. With so many options available on the market, finding the best cat condo may be a bit challenging. Hence, … Read more

K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Cat Condo Review

K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Cat Condo Review

There’s no doubt that cats make for some pretty solid pets. They tend to be fairly easy to take care of, independent enough that you can leave them alone for a while, and they can even provide some entertainment. However, they do require care, and this includes things like cat beds, perches, and other similar things. … Read more